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Opendoor wants to work with creators to educate their audience on how Opendoor makes the home buying and selling process simple and convenient. Life happens fast, and doesn’t follow the real estate market. Opendoor makes it easy to buy or sell when the time is right for you. Whether you’re relocating for a job, in need of a downsize, or in need of more space for a growing family, Opendoor makes buying and selling easy, so you can make memories faster/

You can see if it’s the right time to sell your house by going to and seeing what Opendoor could pay. If you’re looking to buy, you can tour Opendoor homes on your schedule, quickly and conveniently.

*Whether buying, selling, or both, Opendoor helps eliminate stress from a difficult process by getting people to start their real estate journey with Opendoor.

*If you’re thinking about buying a home, Opendoor makes the process really convenient. You can book pressure-free, private tours on your schedule.

-You can book tours at a time that works best for you — even on the same day.

-The buying and selling process with Opendoor happens mostly online, but you are never alone during the process. Opendoor’s team of experts are ready to answer any questions you have about finding a home and touring, 7 days a week.

*If you’re thinking about selling your home in the future, head to to see if it’s the right time for you to make your move.

*Everyone has a story. When you’re ready for your next chapter, Opendoor is ready to help.

*Don’t let the market dictate when you should move. Opendoor makes it easy for you to sell your house when it’s right for you.

*Life happens fast. When you need to sell your home, Opendoor is there to make it easy, fast, and stress-free.

*You can get an offer on your home in minutes, and get time back with those who matter most.

*Every video MUST end with a the following CTA: “Get started at”

*You are encouraged to tour Opendoor homes for sale to capture content, similar to this video and this video If you decide to go this route, please do not mention the exact address or the price of the property. To find Opendoor owned homes to tour, head to and click your location. From there click “more filters” and click “Opendoor homes only.”

*Content Examples: We want the content you post to be true to your personal brand, resonate with your followers, and to get the best possible engagement. Feel free to leverage current themes that are trending if you can appropriately ladder them up to our campaign messaging.

-Examples of content we love
-Creator guidelines

*Visuals/Pricing: You can post a video of yourself looking at on your ipad/phone, but please don’t show the final Opendoor offer screen. Do not show any visuals that include pricings or fees. Do not show any homes for sale and their prices in your content.

*Music: You MUST only use the royalty-free TikTok library or Facebook Sound Collection for music. No other royalty-free or commercially cleared music is permitted. You must include the music you intend to use when submitting your draft, so we can review it for rights infringement issues!

*High-Resolution Video: Please plan to provide us with a high-resolution version of the video you’ve created in connection with this campaign without the watermark at no additional cost to the brand for Opendoor to repurpose on organic and paid channels.

*Stickers: Please note, stickers from the TikTok & Instagram apps are not commercially licensed for paid content use – do not use.

*Additional Permissions: Do not feature any of the below elements in your branded content, unless you have written approval and/or rights.

-Logos / Third Party Intellectual Property
-Other People / Extras in Content
-Public Locations (including famous buildings, national parks, etc)

*Watermark: If the video has a watermark on it before posting, it cannot be used. We recommend using screen-recording to review drafts prior to posting.

*Draft Submission Requirements:

-Drafts of the required deliverables must be submitted via Mavrck platform (we will provide a link to submit). You will allow for up to two (2) rounds of revisions to the video, title, description and thumbnail drafts prior to being published or sent through for use.

-Please screen-record or export your video draft and include your proposed caption. When submitting your draft, please include all deliverables and caption info (e.g. hashtags, mentions, etc). Your drafts should be reflective of the content you intend to post.

*Legal Must-Haves (Do’s):

-Include the following ad disclosure: #OpendoorPartner

–If the disclosure is in a caption: make sure that the disclosure is visible without needing to expand the caption and not hidden between other hashtags.

–If the disclosure is included in a frame of your video via text overlay: make sure that the disclosure is prominent in size and color and that the user has enough time to notice and read it

–If you’re doing a voiceover for your video, please include a disclosure in the video within the first 30 seconds (ex. “This video is sponsored by Opendoor”)

*Tag #BeOpen

*Add a Paid Partnership Label to your post (if available)

*Please include a disclosure in the video within the first 30 seconds (e.g. “This video is sponsored by Opendoor”)

*Production: Please film this content out-of-app, as it will live on TikTok and Instagram Reels. You can then stitch together clips within the app once finalized (and be able to easily make edits). Make sure to create with vertical video in mind!

Phrases / Visuals to Avoid (Don’ts):

*When referencing our brand in writing it should always be “Opendoor” all one word, with the “d” in “door” lowercase. Not “Open Door” or “OpenDoor”

*Opendoor is a house flipper

*Opendoor is a place to buy homes (you can talk about buying on Opendoor if you also mention selling, ie it’s ok to say “Opendoor is the smarter / faster / more convenient way to buy or sell your home”)

*Costs (ie. service fee, saving money), unless you’re talking about getting a free offer

*“List your home with Opendoor”

*”You can list your home with Opendoor”

*Competitors (ie Zillow, Redfin, Offerpad, etc)

*Real estate agents (ie “cut out the realtor or agent”)

*“No middleman”

*Do not show any visuals that include pricings or fees

Participants must connect their accounts to the Mavrck platform. Please note that you have already done so by applying to the campaign and connecting your account(s). However, you may be asked to reconnect your account during the campaign so that we can pull in your content and metrics or self-report your content.

If you are having reporting your TikTok, please do the following:

1. select “TikTok”. Then select “no” when it says, “Did you post on TikTok using either a Posting Link or a Campaign Code?”

2. Then, connect your TikTok account on the next page.From there, add your Campaign Code that is generated into your TikTok post (there are instructions in there, if you need).

3. Check the box at the bottom.

Do you agree with the terms and conditions of connection and marketing? *